Sleep, purr, read...

Back at Bellinzona

After four days at Vigera I'm now back with the little one, who at the moment ist peacefully suckling at her bottle of milk.  We have read two books, played hide and seek, played princesses, have listened to music and she has rearanged my room.  She has also told me all her new words!!

Yesterday I received a long letter from my ex-roomie Anke.  She has worked as an au pair in Ohio some years ago and enjoyed it a lot. 

Then last night I went to my Italian class and after class we went out for coffee at the pizzeria nearby like we usually do.  There's the possibility of going skiing next weekend with Dimitri and his family. 

I still haven't heard from my best friend Danny but my Dad has written and will arrive the first weekend in February.

Meanwhile the secretary of my prof has written that she's no longer working at the English Seminar and doesn't know about my diploma.  Daiiiiiii!!

Well, the little bug has finished her bottle and wants some attention. Gotta go!!!

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Little one? anyway the post is short but very well-written :-)

Little one

Yes, the little girl I'm taking care of... :) grazie...


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