Turning the lights out

Pairings: Dean/Castiel
Spoiler(s): None. Takes place somewhere in Season 4
Note: Just a short Slashfiction & I couldn't keep them from staying out of character (;
Hope you like it anyway. Kind of inspired by 'Avril Lavigne - What the hell?'

- Castiel is sick of beeing daddy's brave little soldier so he decides to live his life instead of beeing a perfect mable statue but something blightends his plans -

The hot, soothing water was running down Dean's immaculate body while he ran his fingers through his hair, rubbing the weird-smelling shampoo in. The shower was quite big & comfortable for a cheap highway motel. It was the only place where the hunter could literally wash his sorrows away. The shower granted him some privacy. It was just for a few minutes once in a while, when Dean had time to, but he enjoyed every second of it. Dean closed his eyes, sticking his head in the direction of the shower head. The pure water poured over his rough face.
Suddenly someone put his arms cautious around Dean's waist. The hunter jumped, but didn't turn around. He knew he had no need to be scared, the aura of the person behind him was unique. The hunter would sense him in a crowd with thousands of people, even with closed eyes. Dean smiled 'So what leads you here?' He heard a quiet, masculine chuckling right beside his ear, when the other man layed his head on his gigantic shoulder. Dean turned his head to the right, looking in his pure, sapphire blue eyes. 'Cass, you really should knock next time.' The angel kissed Dean's neck passionate 'Yes.' he replied shortly 'Next time.' Castiel's hands were sliding higher, reaching Dean's chest. The angel could feel the hunters heart thumping underneath his palms. Dean was insecure & nervous because Cass had never been this close too him. He grabbed Dean's hip softly and turned him around. Their faces were just a few cm's apart. So close, that Dean could feel Castiels heavy, warm breath on his face. Dean gripped Castiel's shoulders, pushing the angel away. 'Seriously Cass, what he hell?' Castiel gazed at the bottom of the shower. He began calm: 'That's the right expression: What the hell? You know, you can't surpress your feelings.  I'm an angel, Dean, I know exactly how you feel for me.' He looked up in Dean's blankly, deep red face. Castiel laughed, cleared his throat and continued 'I've been feeling the same for you since we met for the first time.' Suddenly a certain hint of anger filled his voice 'I'm done hiding my feelings because my father might think this is wrong, because he might cast me out of heaven. I'm not able to have a relationship what a human - much less with a man, but I don't care any longer. All my life I've been good, but now I'm thinking: What the hell?' All of a sudden Castiel grasped Dean's face and pressed their lips together. The hunter was baffled, unable to do anything but to join Cass. The angel tossed Dean to the wall, still kissing him fierce. The hot water was pouring on them, running down their bare bodies. Dean have had many kisses before but this one was different, this one was pure passion. The feeling filled his body with lust and overwhelmed Dean. The hunter drove his fingernails in Castiel's waist. The water dripping down in the drain immediately turned red. Castiel tryed to free him from his gripe and he hardly succeed. 'Dean, stop!' The hunter gazed breathless at the angel, bewildert. Ashamed of what he did. 'I had no control over my actions, it was--' - 'That's why angels and humans can't be together.' Cass escaped Dean's interrogative gaze, then looked back in the hunter's brilliant eyes, helpless & disappointed 'Im sorry!' he whimpered with a small tear on his waterline. 'My father was right. This was wrong, I'm so sorry.' Before Dean could say anything the angel vanished. Dean smacked his head against the white tiles of the shower. 'God, why me?'

~ Castiela.

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~ Addiction ~


Pairings: Dean/Castiel
Spoiler(s): Up to 5x14 (My Bloody Valentine)
Warnings: Spoilers, AU, Pairing
Note: /

'Oh, come on!'
Dean said huffing while he tried to rub out the blood smudges from his leather jacket. He was standing in front of a sink in a motel in Nashville, Tennesee. The hunter just passed by to kill some vampires. There was nothing else to do right now - No way to stop the apocalypse, nothing new about Lucifer or the left-over three horseman. Dean needed some little successes once in a while, otherwise he'd feel totally useless and guilty. Sam was off on his own. He said he wanted to hunt something down in Louisiana. Dean just let him go because Bobby was with him.

Suddenly he could sense a strong vibe, Dean never felt like this before. It was a strange but warm feeling that overwhelmed him. Cautious & a bit anxious he looked up, looked in the mirror in front of him. As he saw, who it was, he eased his tension and said relieved 'Damn it, Cass. You scared the hell out of me!' Dean turned around to the angel, who was standing right behind him in the doorframe. The strange feeling was still there, he just couldn't match it. Cass's soulful stare made the feeling even worse. Dean looked away, that emotion ate him up from the inside.
As Dean tried to get out of there, he accidentally grazed Castiel's shoulder and Dean got over on his ankle. Surprised he recoverd himself before Cass would notice. 'Woow, what the hell?' Dean blurted and turned around to Castiel. It wasn't like Cass wasn't Cass anymore or like he changed. It was more like Dean changed - his feelings. 'Dean, you shouldn't care about those vampires, there is something bigger here in this town, the people are acting strange lately. Maybe you are affected, too, so you didn't notice. I have no idea how you humans work. It's like an addiction that's spreading all over the town. I think it's Famine.' Castiel said. Dean looked down on the floor to avoid the angel's sapphire blue eyes & the emotion he felt looking into them. 'The horseman?' - 'Yes.' - 'Great!' Dean sighed, wondering why he didn't notice that before. He needed to pull himself toghter now, surpress the feeling, even though it was very hard.

He went to the nightstand and grabbed his cellphone. 'What are you doing?' asked Castiel. Dean cocked his eyebrows and replied 'I'm not gonna take on Famine alone - I'll call Sam!' Castiel gazed pensive at Dean  & walked to the bed close to Dean, then he looked in Dean's bright emerald eyes 'I don't think that's wise. Famine will make your brothers's hunger for Demon blood bigger than ever before.' Dean looked down at the cellphone in his hand, cogitating. He ran his fingers through his hair. 'Screw it' Dean whispered quietly and threw the cellphone away. As inconspicuous as possible he walked away from Cass. His vibes obscured the hunter's mind. Dean had no other choice - he needed to ask Cass to help him, he was too weak to kill Famine alone. Dean cleared his throat
& stumbled: 'Hey, uh. Cass ...' Dean turned around to him. Castiel smiled, almost maliciously, like he already knew what Dean was about to ask. 'Can you .. you know --' - 'Yes, Dean. I'll help you' - 'Awesome' Dean replied a little confused.

'At first we need a plan. How do we even find this sucker?' Dean said while he was standing in front of wooden table, getting everything ready. He was packing the last things in his bag: Rocksalt, Guns & a Knife - to cut the horsemans ring off. 'I found some omens that he's in the middle of the town. Many people died a strange death there the last week. I think we should look there.' Cass replied. Dean looked up & replied 'Okie Dokie' quickly he looked down again, avoiding to look at the angel too much. 'Well, I'm ready. Let's do this!' Dean swang the bag over his shoulder and walked in Cass direction. He was standing in front of the angel, face to face, so close. The presence of Castiel made Dean went rogue inside. The angel lifted up his hand to touch Dean's head. He screwed up his eyes and as Dean felt Cass's cold fingers on his forehead, his heart nearly passed out.

[ ... ]

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Nothing can tear us apart

~ Nothing can tear us apart ~


Pairings: So far Chuck/Becky
Spoiler(s): Up to 5x04 (The End)
Warnings: Spoilers, AU
Note: I'm uploading the story in little chapters. To be continued ;)


Chapter I

'Oh, come on that's crap!' Dean said, standing up from the table. In the middle of the round table was a map with a bunch of people circled around. 'That's crap and you know it!' You want them all killed? That is exactly what we are trying to avoid here.' Dean had his hand on the table, looking down at the people's faces. They were all looking at him, interrogative. Then Bobby said: 'The plan is not perfect--' 'Damn right, it is not!' Dean interrupted. Bobby looked up to Dean, looking at him with the most evil glance, telling him without words to shut up. 'Like I said, it's not perfect but we have to get them out of there somehow and that should better be sooner than later. If you have a better plan - I'm all ears!' Bobby explained, leaning back in the chair, his arms crossed. Before Dean could answer, a quiet voice from the left side of the table whispered: 'He's right, Dean. We have to try!' It was Chuck. He looked wasted, with dark circles under his eyes. Chuck hadn't slept in days, he was too worried. Too worried about Becky, who has been kidnapped aswell. 'Don't you think, I want them out of there alive, too? Don't think you are the only one who is shattered, who is broken. Everybody here has lost someone and they all want their beloved ones back, but we have to think of somthing and this is the only way ... or they'll all die.' Chuck's eyes were filling with tears when he whispered: 'My pregnant Becky will die ...'

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In my time of dying

In my time of dying?

Pairings: Dean/Cass
Spoiler(s): Up to 5x03 (Free to be you and me)
Warnings: Spoilers, AU, Pairing, Strong Language
Note: My first complete Fanfiction. It's not that good, but it was worth a try ;D Improvement suggestions are welcome (:

Something was vibrating in Dean's pants to the rhythm of AC/DC. It was his cellphone! 'Bobby?' - 'Boy, I think I've got a case here. Some pagan gods are just outside Pontiac, Illinois. Better get your ass there fast!' - 'Bobby, No, I am --' But Bobbby already hung up. '...suit yourself, Princess.' Dean said huffing to himself.

Dean drove off to Pontiac the same day. He was just a few hours away, anyways. In the evening he arrived in the middle of the pagan-god-hotspot at about 11 pm. It was too late to kill those son's of bitches, so Dean took a room in a shady motel to get past the night - sleep a few hours once in a while. Dean was thinking too much about his piss-poor excuse for a brother. How he betrayed him, how he chose a demon over him - a demon who screwed him in the end because Sam wouldn't listen to Dean. Lost in his deep anger, he didn't notice Castiel appearing near him. '32 people killed in this town - in a week?! Are you after something?' Dean looked up and saw Cass standing besides a creaky wooden table placed in the middle of the room. He was pointing at the newspaper on it. Dean sat down on the bed and grabbed the bag behind him. He pulled out a wooden stake. 'Pagan Gods.' Dean said, pointing the stake in Cass's direction. He glared at Cass, smiling challenging, pointing the stake in Cass's direction with force. 'You want me to help you?' murmured Cass restrained after a few, long seconds of confusion. 'Exactly!' Dean laughed. Cass took the stake, which was still in Dean's hand, still pointing in his direction. Dean took out another, edgeless, wooden stake and began to sharpen it with his knife. Cass looked at Dean, then looked at the stake in his hands. 'What am I ... supposed to do with that?' Cass asked. Dean stopped sharpening the stake and raised an eyebrow: "Your angel hoodoo-thing won't work to kill them, genius. Take the stake and impale them!' Without waiting for a response he looked down immediately and started sharpening again 'Tomorrow morning, 8 am. Be there!' Dean requested. He heard fluttering of wings and as he looked up the angel was gone. Dean lifted his head and looked at the shabby ceiling, then he sighed, closed his eyes, shook his head and went back to work.

After another rough night with barely no sleep he overheard the alarm clock in the morning. 'Dean, it's almost 9 am' Cass was sitting on an edge of his bed. Dean woke up, looked at the clock - 8.56 am 'Damn it!' he turned around and threw the blanket away. Dean sat up in the bed and rubbed his eyes. 'Cass, how long you've already been here?' - 'Since 8 am' Cass replied. He lied. Cass had been watching Dean for the entire night.

They both walked down the lonely road in an empty, old town, besides destroyed houses. With the wooden stake in their hands they looked out for the pagan gods. Suddenly Cass stopped and Dean turned around. 'What's wrong, Cass?' They were standing besides huge, old looking buildings. 'I can sense them, Dean. What I don't know is where the vibe is coming from.' Cass was looking around uncertainly, as he looked back at Dean he shouted: 'Dean! Behind --' But it was too late. They knocked Dean out. Before Castiel realised what just happend, they knocked him out aswell.

As Cass woke up, he found himself sitting on a chair. His back was bound to Dean's tight with a thick rope. 'Dean, Dean.' whispered Cass and bashed his elbow cautious in Dean's ribs. 'Wake Up!' - No reaction. The angel got angry. What did they do to Dean? They didn't just knock him out. Dean is tough, he would have handled something like that - easily. Cass looked around. They were in an old factory building and they were alone. 'They should've figured out who they are up against in the first place!' Cass said vicious to himself. His eyes were full of wrath and without moving a muscle he turned the ropes to dust, grabbed Dean's back and teleported them out of the factory building. He layed Dean gently on the ground and turned him around. The angel winced. Dean's wrist were slit. Immediately Cass checked if Dean was still alive - he was, barely. Castiel took off his shirt, teared it in two and wrapped them tight around Dean's arms to stop the bleeding. Cass grasped Dean's shoulders and shook him. 'Hey, Dean, wake up. DEAN!' Dean opened his eyes wide and flung around with his arms defenselessly. The hunter pawed Cass's bare & muscular chest. Dean was struggling. 'Dean, it's okay. I'm here. I'm not going to leave you' - 'Cass?' Dean was hazy, like they drugged him, but it must have been the great blood loss 'Cass -- what happend?' he asked. Castiel looked down at the human being laying in his lap. He touched Dean's cheeks softly, with tears in his eyes. 'So this is it? -- I'm gonna die like this? Pagan gods, those son's of bitches.' Dean tried to laugh but it ended up coughing. Cass smiled agonized, compassionate. He shook his head comforting. 'God, you are a dick these days. Kick your daddy's ass, when you've found him. Cass, I ... eh ... just - you know --' Cass laid his forefinger tender on Dean's lips. 'Shhh ..' he whispered. Then he lifted Dean up and made his feeble body sit. Dean was too weak to hold himself, so Cass did. The angel glared at Dean with his pure, sapphire blue eyes. Dean was flustered, waiting for an anwer. Cass snapped his fingers and suddenly they were in the shady motel room, sitting on Dean's bed. Dean turned around amazed and as he looked back at Cass, the angel gripped his shoulders tight, pressed Dean's chapped lips against his unblemished lips & kissed him short and fierce. Dean was astonished by Cass's testier reaction and blushed pretty much. After a few seconds Cass pushed Dean away and looked bewildered in Dean's blankly face. 'I'm sorry' Cass murmured & looked ashamed away. 'There's no need to apologize' whispered Dean. He grabbed Cass's head, held it between his hands and kissed him vigorous. By mistake Cass touched Dean's bloody and deep slit wrists - both didn't notice. They didn't notice because they were sunken too deep in their passions. Dean stopped a second, bit his lower lip 'Cass, why the hell are you naked?' Dean gazed at Cass's bare chest. 'My shirt is wrapped around your arms, the pagan gods slit your wrist and you nearly bleeded to death.' Dean looked down at his arms and unwrapped them. 'Slit wrists?' His arms looked like they've never been touched much less sliced by a blade! '... I must have healed it somehow - Normally it's not within my power to do such things' Castiel confessed. He stood up. Dean looked at Cass' back wantonly, then he smiled and responded: 'Must have been the power of love, don't you think?' Cass turned around terrified & overjoyed at the same time. Love. Dean said love. For such long time the angel waited for this moment. Dean loved him - finally. Dean patted the bed seductively. Unable to deny his desires Cass succumbed and they sank into the thrills of fiery supernatural passion.



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