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Andrea // my diary

I had to leave Paris and now I am back in Frankfurt.

You can find my diary HERE
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last pictures

Opera Paris

Palais Royal

Sacre Coeur



Champs Elysees + Arc de Triomph

Champs Elysees + Place de la Concorde

Place de la Republique (around the corner of my appartment)

and red christmas trees (Iiiiihhh)

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Au revoir Paris - joy and sadness

My time in Paris and my semester abroad are over now. Leaving Torontowas not very hard for me but now leaving Paris makes me way more sad. It's not about the exchange period (it will stay as a good memory in my mind) and it is not about the city (I am pretty sure I will come back once) but it is about the people I have to leave. I guess I should have chosen europeans for that I could visit them more easily!
Yes, but of course I am so happy to go back. Having my normal life again and my apartment with Bouba. There's nothing beyond this!

So, here you will find everything about my last days:

the 4 mexicans (Susana + 3 guests)

Hotel de ville

Ice skating at Hotel de ville
with Susana, Rodrigo, Allan and Emilio

Farewell Party Thursday

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Le Roi Soleil

Today, Sabrina and me went to the musical  "Le Roi Soleil" - (story aof Louis XIV)

Well, I didn't understand anything!!! But the music was nice!!!
The performance was a little bit strange, as I never expected Louis XIV came together with Breakdance and Pop + Rap. But ok, it was creativ and artistic. Definately.
The actors were little stars, I guess due to the fact that some songs are in the local charts at the moment (look at my Mp3-Player: "Ca marche"). At the end, we both were wondering that the girls were screaming to the actors as if it was Robbie Williams. Well ok, something like this....

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"My invisible friend"-Party

the international students had a small pre-christmas-party at one of the appartments.

the party crowd

the stylish decorated christmas tree

the presents

my "Invisible friend"

yes, that's me. Had fun with the present!

my Fairy-wishes-Magic-Stick with lights and wonderful sounds!!!! Like a dream come true!
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Marché Noel

Jenny and Kay have to leave for germany. That's why we had a last come-together at the christmas market at "La Defense".....

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Frankfurt 8.-13.12.


Being at home and feeling at home was really nice after these almost 6 months that I lived In Toronto and Paris. Although it was only a visit, I really look forward to come back and live my "ordinary" life again. The feeling of  being at "home" is best of all!

But I should recognize very quickly that all people around me can understand me whatever I am saying. On the street, in a restaurant etc.! That could avoid some troubles!!!

traditional Christmas Market

with Bouba
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Christina Aguilera in Paris

... and we had to see it!

We bought the tickets right in front of the stadium so that it wasnt expensive at all.

supporting band: Bob Sinclair
Now I know a little bit more how he looks like (I alwys thought he might be black). But the show itself was boring...

Christina's Show was great. It had everything you want to see in a concert. With a little bit of boldness we found good seats close to the stage.

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Madrid 01.-04.12.06

As an exchange I now visited Anouch and all the other HfB-students in pretty Madrid!
It's a very nice city and I guess a little bit cheaper than Paris. I love to go out and enjoy the local food (Tapas etc.)! *Mmmmh*

Friday: after the first Tapas dinner we went out in a club with typical spanish music...

Saturday:Julias birthday-come-together + Party

Sunday: Sightseeing finally + dinner with Tapas
Monday: more Sightseeing + Trip back to Paris

Plaza de Toros: directly in front of Anouchs Appartement

the kings' palace

Advent in Madrid is kind of weird: people wear masks and perukes on the street. Did they confuse it with carnival or halloween????

at a traditional Chocolateria with Churros (sorry, but I didnt like it!!!!)

crowded city at sunday evening

what would be a city without the christmans kitsch

parc "Retiro" in the evening. In Madrid there isnt a "black night"either

Banco de Espana

there I got a little bit of summer-holiday-feeling

last but not least: funny things in madrid
yes, it would be hard to find the fire extinguisher without that sign...

well, only funny for germans, I guess ;)
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Anouch + Christoph in Paris

from Thu-Su our first to HfB-visitors arrived. We 4 spend a really nice and funny weekend!

a few impressions:



Champs Elysee

cooking at home

Video: Anouch
Video: Andrea


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London (18.11.06)

We survived!!!!

trip to London: 23-7h (which means 6h local time)
trip back to Paris: 7.30-15h

- we didn't get much sleep (only as much as it is possible in a bus)
- the english border control wasn't very helpful for catching some sleep. we had to wait soooooo long
- Sightseeing started at 7.30 at the Tower Bridge mit Sonnenaufgang with an english sunrise
- we visited a few sights, have been in the shopping streets and had a nice dinner (nice dinner in england!? yes, I have to confess: it was an italian restaurant!)
- then getting ready at Victoria Station (our bus station where we left some luggage during the day)
- Party at Leceister Square (after 3h there is a prohibition of selling alcohol, so clubs close at 3-4h)
- last coffee at Subways before going on our trip back "home" to Paris

the pictures:
Tower Bridge at sunrise

in England: everything is diefferent

ohje, that was not easy climbing up there (even people walking by were amusing about me)....

Big Ben a MUST-DO

and Picadilly Circus

our italian Restaurant (I really can recommend that!!!)

and PARTY (Video:getting ready at Victoria Station)
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Eiffel Tower (17.11.06)

After 2 months now, I finally went up the eiffel tower! We went by stairs which was at least not as bad as I thought it would be. Even if there ar as twice as much stairs than in Notre Dame, walking up there is much more comfortable!
view on Champ de Mars (the small "park"), the military school (located at the end of Champs de Mars) and Montparnasse (the tower i little bit more south)

another parisian sunset
    1. Paris in rose-bleu

2. and with orange horizon

4. I had to  look out of the 3rd florr again
(well, it was a little bit windy up there!)

you can see on the signt: don't hold anything beyond the fenced area
AND please don't drop your camera!!!!
  Dear Parisians: "THANKS for that advice!!!"

and down on the ground floor again....
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A Sunday-Walk in Paris (12.11.06)

Today, I was on a 5-hour-walk through Paris with Sabrinas Digi-Cam. So, today I can show you where I've been:

but first the pictures of what I did on friday:
The Portrait and the garden of the Petit Palais

I started at the flea market "Maché aux Puces St. Ouen"
You can find everything there: clothes for all kind of "gangsters", cheap flea-market stuff and expensive old furnitures. Even the way of selling things has a quite huge range: a real market hall up to people selling their stuff only on small newspapers.
my favourite sales-man

at the Champs Elysée and at the Arc de Triomph everything was set up with french flags. the day before, there was an event due to the 88th annual day of the end of the 2nd world war et Monsieur Chirac himself has been in Paris for that event.

dome des invalides

St. Sulpice (unfortunately under construction) with its rose line of the DaVinci-Code. well it looks exactly like in the film but there's already a hint that this is not the roseline and all the myth from the movie are not true and don't refer to the priory of sion. All the monuments have no special meaning "God is the worlds greatest!" AMEN

Video: concert in St. Sulpice

there was a nice jazzband in front of St. German de Pres. The jazz quarter is located around that district.
Video: Jazzband 2

again crossing Notre Dame and the seine:
finally I caught a nice picture at  "Place des Vosges". The parisian sunset is always beautiful and very romantic....

last but not least: my postcard collection. This is to say "I want more!!!!!"
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Disneyland (03.11.06)

While my guests watched Tennis matches during the whole day Sabrina and me went to Disneyland! There was still the Halloween-Theme. No Mickey-Mouse, no Donald + not as kitschy as at the rest of the year. Watch it...

We LOVE cuddly toys

...and hats...

and of yourse we made a trip in the famous cups and a ride in Space Mountian

finally it got a little bit kitschy...
(the pink sleeping-beauty-castle and a Deja-Vu of the coloured Niagara Falls)

and at least a little Disney-horror...

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Parc des Sciences (01.11.06)

because we we're not too tired from partying we went to the science exposition. It's nice but I guess we were already to ould for this...
La Geode - the360° cinema (hope we will visit this again to watch a movie!)

that'swe live where !!!!
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Halloween (31.10.06)

Yes, we in Paris had a Halloween-Party, too. Of course we participated with our nice costumes as a witch, a devil and catwoman (I have to add that we found a lot of our scary dresses in H&M, Pinkie etc - People really wear this!?)

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Paris - what happend so far!?

As I lost all of my files, I'll start the Weblog new starting at Halloween.
Everything will be as good as before AND I added a mailing list so that you always know when I added a new entry (If you do not wish to receive this notification please tell me)

Enjoy it!
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