• 4.11.2007 - A long, long time ago...sadly. Time to get some more of that! Only another 2 years to go...


Another hard day at the office

Best friends

me in a magical moment.


Jesper and me

staff day out...


 D'Arcy, me, Dunja and Eric- after a hard day at work


 Night dive


 Dunja learning to dive


 love at first sight!


 Me and a big fish


 hard working crew



el shaman



chisco and remco



at work


sundowner at coco's



Capt'n Willy junior


sunday is funday..

 Playing Volleyball and getting eaten by sandflies...




at coco's




rainy season


under water






Creole Wrasses



Cuba libre and having difficulties keeping it in the glass... 


 after the staff's day out...



legendary Captain Albert


occasionally you do get a smile from him...



 Longsnouted Spinner Dolphins riding the bow wave


 Hendrik slightly stuck..





 The main road




 Blue Bayu



Jungle, Claudia and Chisco






Que te quedas en mi corazon y alma-


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• 19.10.2007 - South Africa

After a great summer back home I also happened to end up in South Africa. First I did some wondering about and then had a fieldtrip up at the Western Cape. I definitely will have to go back to that continent.


Diving and snorkeling at Protea Banks...

 big blacktip...


Duskies everywhere...(30 plus duskies, and around 10 blacktips...clearly the south african way of diving...)









 (me absolutely sh...... myself!!!)



Lee and the sharks

Mark completely at ease with this big blacktip...




Me still completely scared... :-)


Safari Time! We hired a car, "chico", and drove to the Oribi Gorge - a private Game Reserve. We had to fit in five people and it was boiling hot. Yet another brilliant day. 

African plains...




"da wildebeasts"...





the mighty brigde...

some didn't like the heights at all...


 others seemed to be enjoying the view a bit more...


in the car. boiling-





Team "Good looking"- well maybe not...?! We were only slightly ropey on that day. Never ever drink Southern Comfort and try to make a point in the meantime. Especially not if you're a girl trying to drink 4 lads under the table....-


Well then. Swiftly moving on....

Cape Point. Breath taking, thoughtful.

In Cape Town visiting Zee and Branson.




And....Off to Geelbek, the National Park at the Western Cape.


Mark and Bex- thinking hard....

Me, loving my job.  :-)


Steve. One of our new lecturers. The bird lover.

Anna in the wind!

and at work again.



African sunset


Lovely, intense, beautiful, awesome, decadent, crazy.     - enriching -




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• 23.07.2007 - Home sweet home!!!

Sunday afternoon...a little trip up to one of the mountains and glaciers...























Finally we arrived on the glacier! Yipiiee, snow in July!!!





Climbing into the glacier itself...i'll have to show you some pictures one day from Tina's camera...soo beautiful! She's a fotographer and made geourgeous pictures from the glacier and its different lights. and in reality they really looked like that too. my pics here look rather dull in comparison to reality and her pictures. but i guess they're still beautiful enough.-




And then we drove back home again..back to the warm and sunny Zürich, where we had a nice barbeque with our friends.

in the car driving and singing:-)

some pictures from my (mum's) garden.






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• 8.07.2007 - Zürich Festival

Zürich-Fest...Gosh...it was messy. very, very naughty indeed. but beautiful. three days in a row. brilliant!!!




The first day with a massive hangover...drinking cappucchino in my favourite café..(it looks freezing there..it actually wasn't that cold:-)


My lovely hometown. This is at the river, named "Limmat"-

Festivities and shenanginans continued...

Marie, my brother Patrizio and I. Obviously quite happy at that point...



 My beautiful and naughty people; Luca and Iris




Pissheads!!! (this is after the third night of partying by the way. at about 6.30 am!!!)


 Marie is having a break...



And ready again...!


This is at about 6 o'clock in the morning...


The last few heroes standing...


About an hour later we decided to stop drinking  and to go home. wise decision i guess. went on with drinking alkaseltzer...(which really helped, didn't it Marie!)

 ...enjoying a double shot alkaseltzer...


That's on the lake of Zürich. Very rainy day.


This one of the pictures Marie took when she went on the water taxi, on the river leading through town.


That was it for the moment. Stay cool, big hug and big love-

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• 27.06.2007 - weekends





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• 22.04.2007 - Roscoff

Fieldtrip nach Roscoff...Mega cool aber harte Arbeit- Schnecken meine neue Faszination?? :-)



Feldarbeit bei Nebel..



Eines meiner Studien Objekte..Gibbula umbilicalis...


James und sein Squat Lobster..

und hier noch mit einer sea hare...(ganz abgefahrene Schnecke das..) hihi..sieht aus wie ein Hippo:-)

der Strand bei Santec, wo das Fieldcenter war-


Sunset in Santec


Am "aus checken"...

Im Bus (James und Omar)

Beim Fähren-Terminal am warten...

Amie am chillen-

schon wieder auf dem Rückweg, auf der Fähre von Roscoff nach Plymouth. (6 h Fahrt. War mega schön, und sogar Delphine gesehen..Jupiii!)

Die Austausch Studenten...


Paloma am "hirnen"...:-)

 Proffessor John Spicer leicht erledigt...(zwischen Tisch und Stuhl, im inneren der Fähre..:-)) hihi...


sechs Stunden später dann, die Einfahrt in den Hafen von Plymouth..

Das isch's gis vo trigsundgägs. tschou zämä-

d'schnägge tantä grüässt-

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• 11.04.2007 - Another Night Out In Plymouth


show me your lips baby..-

Nici und ich, "Küsserlippen"...oder ähnlich-


Rachel und ich, keine Ahnung was abging..:-)

Ben, Rachel und ich

Emma, Rachel, Ben und ich


only slightly pissed...






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• 10.04.2007 - Oster Sonntag

Oster Sonntag- Rachel und ich gingen zum nahe gelegenen Strand "Mothecombe"-

Verbrachten einen friedlichen Nachmittag am Meer, "brötelten" unsere Burger, und kehrten dann später nach Plymouth zurück, wo wir noch einen "Sunset-Drink" im Hafen genossen haben.


euses "lauschige plätzli"-















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• 2.04.2007 - ich...



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• 4.02.2007 - Wild-Wild-West-Party-Roadtrip..to Bath, Chippenham and Village Halls..

Hallöchen zäme! Scho so lang hani nüt me uf min Blog ta..Scho so lang hani au nüt me bsunders erwähnenswerts unterna..Das Wuchenendi isch jetzt aber definitiv erwähnenswürdig..Am Bertie (min eine Mitbewohner) sin Vater hett sin 60te gfiieret. Mit em Thema "Wilde Weste"..Es isch denn so cho, dass de Bertie wieder emal grad en ganze Bus organisiert hett und mir det ufe zue sine Eltere gfahre sind..heieiei..Natürlich isch es au so cho, dass mir total "over dressed" gsi sind..Mir hend eus aber au würkli is Züügs gleit gha..:-)

D'Inga und Ich sind übrigens als Huerene gange..Und adem Abig "Honey und Sugar" benennt gsi. Es hett natürli au jede en passende Name gha..Doch da jetzt d'Pics zue dem Event-

han eu lieb, und ihr fehled mir


Nick am Flughafen Bristol..Chris und Neil kamen extra aus Schottland angeflogen für diesen Abend...!



Rachel, Inga, Ich und Ben- Gerade bei der "Festhalle" angekommen, und das Bild "vor der umkleide-Orgie"..........

Traraaa...The girls..-

"Gold Nugget Matt, Sugar and Honey"

"Little Feather Liam and Ben la rouge"

"El Dorado Nick and Hillbilly the Kid"...

"Cactus John"...

"Squaw Emily"

"Broadbent Mountain and ..."

"Gun Slinger Ting"

"The Wild South-Western Gang"...




We even did the line dancing malaki...







Honey and Sugar at work..!

"Rodeo Rachel and Fox River"...









und da begann dann wohl die "After Party.."

Next day....In Bath...


juhuiii der Frühling kommt..:-)

die berühmten Appartements von Bath...


und wieder auf dem nach Hauseweg- leicht übermüdet zwar. aber bestimmt wieder um ein paar Erlebnisse reicher..

Bis zum nöchste Mal, ciao ihr liebä

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• 16.01.2007 - random pics

Nick und ich

Hannah am mini Haar färbe-

d'Filmstare liecht hungover...


Ich, wo'ni chrank gsi bin...am inhaliere...(hans eifach müesse druff tue..I weiss isch ja ned so nes

fröhlichs Bildli. Aber irgendwie halt au en teil vominere ziit da bzw. dass es de Bertie gschafft het

vo mir denn es föteli zmache isch ja scho speziell gnueg...)

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• 27.11.2006 - Embankment Road alias "casa loca"...

Hannah's epilator..."interesting",ting-tong (anton's nickname) thought ...


Hillbilly, giving instructions..


Anton being a man...

moving on swiftly...Anton grapped the workshop masks (same night) and we all had a new toy...

Anton and Sophie








having a little break...


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• 7.11.2006 - Ottery St.Mary

Flaming tar barrells, rented a 44 seat car, lots of cider....great fun-


Beautiful Hannah! Bisch die besti!! Jawoll!!


Liam, myself and Matt

Bertie, Inga (du süsse Maus!!!), Hillbilly alias Rob, Anton and Marie

Nick, (and Liam in the back. with the bunny ears...)




flaming tar barrels..


by the way..that was the car...




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• 3.11.2006 - at cuba's...

our favourite bar...


Liam, me, Marie and Nick


Bertie once more mincing about...


Liam the boyscout, at Halloween-

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• 30.10.2006 - gone surfing...

beautiful Devon!! first gone surfing, then ended up at Rob's house. Well at his parents house, where we had some wine. later drove back home, where we had some more..






















at home again..


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• 26.10.2006 - Bertie gone camp...

Anton dying Bertie's hair..



shocking result...



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• 1.10.2006 - "hunting" seals...

one lovely afternoon we tried to find one of the seal populations, located just few minutes away from plymouth...

unsuccessfully though...



"Mate, can you see any seals??"....

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• 29.09.2006 - at HQ and some impressions...

smoking shisha

Anton's dog "Tucker"!!

in the kitchen-


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• 22.09.2006 - all that razzmatazz....

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• 1.09.2006 - summer of love :-)


A surfer babe:-)


Matt alias Matthanwea


Nick and Anton in our back yard...




Yep, that's me..yep, i normally don't/can't play..yep, i had a glass or two...:-)





same night...where we moved on to the garden of our house..why not playing golf..!!??


at four o'clock in the morning....I mean, WHY not??


why not playing with apples (from our tree..)?





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