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What is Assist? There is a command /***ist in this g**e, it抯 shortcut key is 揊? and it lets you select the target of your target. For ex**ple: if friend A is wow gold attacking mob B, you can target friend A and press F, then u get mob B as your target. So, Assist is when you target the s**e mob as the person you are ***isting.

Why Assist? To ***ist is to gain efficiency and viability. If you抮e in a battle with multiple mobs, it is logical to try to bring down the mobs one by one. In group work, to concentrate your firepower is very important. Instead of every party member tries to solo her/his mob, you will want to concentrate your firepower on one mob first, then move on to the next one when the previous one is dead. By ***isting, you are killing mobs faster and therefore reducing overall d**age taken. Asssist allows also the wow gold tanks to hold aggro on the other targets which are not being attacked easier. And making the healers jobs easier as they now can concentrate on the tanks. Assisting should be used in almost all kinds of groups. Even in a 2-man group, when you face more then one mob, the idea of ***isting is still valid: you take down one mob as fast as possible, thus reduce the d**age done to the group in general; in cases mobs can run, instead of two runners at the s**e time, you have only one runner to deal with. Even in a raid like in Strathomle, you can still ***ist the MA on the elites while the mages are AoEing the non-elites.

What is Main Assist (MA)? So, who will then decide which of those mobs we should kill first and in what sequence we should kill them? More experienced players will designate a Main Assist in group works. A Main Assist (MA) will decide the target of the group. All a Main Assist (MA) does is target your groups target. If we say a group leader is the general of a group, a MA is the true director during a fight, and MA is the most hard roll to play imo. Ex**ple: Mob A and his wow gold buddies mob B and mob C are attacking your group, and they all look alike and stick close to each other. Mmm?shy; what is the first target now? Wait, Bob is our MA, by selecting Bob and press F, you get Bob抯 target. Mob A dies fast; then Bob choose mob B, you choose Bob and press F, then start to attack mob B; Mob B dies, Bob choose mob C ?shy;.. And you know that Bob usually pick up the Main Tank抯 first target as his very first target.

What does an Assist macro do? Assist macro is the way to gain nicety, so during a messy fight, you will be sure that you do choose the right target. When the group is formed, Bob is designated as Main Assist. Each group member creates a macro as follows: 1. Press 2. Choose ‘Macros’ 3. Choose n**e and button image 4. Edit macro text to read ‘/***ist Bob’ 5. Save and close The macro can then be ***igned in the key-bindings menu to ‘F’, or dragged to the toolbar as a button. So during the fight, you do wow gold not need to select Bob to get the mob. Pressing ‘F’ or clicking the macro button is enough. Which cl*** or who can be a better Main Assist? Preferably one that can take a few hits; one that does not switch target often; one who is more experienced; one that is quick-minded but still stubborn as hell and won抰 change target until the chosen mob us dead. Rogues might be the best ***ist cl***. The rogue *won抰* be changing targets much (otherwise he wastes combo points). They have also skill to use if they steal too much aggro from the MT. Paladins aren抰 best choice if they have to stop to heal the others sometimes. But they are great to take d**age.

So if there is more than 1 or 2 pallies in your group/raid, why not a pally. A hunter can also be a very good ***ist, as they have a better overview of the fight, and the big hunter’s mark which can make the target clear. Provided: the hunter has no duty to get aggro off the mobs on the priest, or whatever can make them change target during the targeted fight; And, he should never try to steal aggro from the MT, as it involves too much moving between the fighting spot and the hunter. That is why I think close range melee cl*** is better then casters. A warriors can only be the MA if he does not MT or OT (’Off-Tank‘). A warrior has the skill to grab aggro on more than one mob, which is better used when they switch targets constantly in order to hold aggro, for ex**ple when adds comes and the OT needs to react. So, the warrior is not normally considered the MA (Main Assist) because of his possible multiple targets. Because warriors can take a lot of punishment they may engage two or three mobs at the s**e time, they will switch targets to gain agro if the raid or group lacks crowd control, thus tanking 2 maybe 3 mobs at a time. In a group where there is one warrior, he will usually be the MT. In a group where there are 2 or more warriors, the non MT warrior(s) still need to change target (eg to run to the priest the get the aggro off him, or aggro any add or lose mobs in situations when MT can’t react much). Other caster cl***es or healing cl***es are not good to be a MA in a full 5-man group or raid. A Mage might need to re-sheep the sheeped mob, so he needs to change target during a fight and is not suitable to be MA, for ex**ple. But in 2-3 man grinding parties, even a preist can be the main ***ist: a ShadowWord:Pain is a very nice icon for the others to know which mob is the main target, works as well as a hunter抯 mark. Why your Main Tank shouldn抰 be the Main Assist? Provided your MT (Main Tank) has the skills to grab multiple aggro, the MT and the MA should always be 2 different people. This is because the MT will never be targeting the s**e mob all the time. He will need to constantly rotate between each of the mobs on him to keep building threat on each of them. If he sits there attacking the one mob that everyone else is attacking then as soon as a heal is cast every other mob will run straight at your priest. To know this about the MT is wow gold important. This way the MT wont have his party complaining that you keep switching target and they don抰 know who to attack. What they need to do is to ***ist the MA, not the MT. But this is not set in stone. Different groups will have you ***isting in different ways. Some groups will make the main tank the focus of the ***ist macro, others will have a separate 搈ain ***ist?character. Bottom line - You will need an ***ist macro.

 (credit: Zarek) But how can I do an Assist macro or whatever? Quick and dirty option: Target the designated main ***ist and press F. Better option: Create a macro (see ‘What does a Assist macro do?’): /***ist Bob You will replace 揃ob?with the n**e of the designated character everyone is ***isting. Then you will create a macro, and a button to use the macro. What this does is to cause your target to be the mob which the character has targeted. So if everyone uses the ***ist macro, everyone will be attacking the s**e mob. You may need to click the button several times. And you抣l need to click it again after each mob dies. At the start of a run, type ?macro?and change 揃ob?to the n**e of the designated ***ist. All you need do now is to hotkey the ***ist macro, or drag the icon to your taskbar, and you抮e set. Super option: Get the add-on called Assist Helper. AssistHelper makes ***igning main ***ist and using ***ist effectively a lot easier. It allows you to bind a number of special functions, one of which is a key to select who you will be ***isting (I use ALT-F) and another is to ***ist the character you have defined with the other key (I use F for this). This saves having wow gold to edit the macro above every time your in a group and want to ***ist a different character than the previous day. This still leaves the original ***ist functionality (the F key) as it was before as long as you don抰 use the s**e key binding for one of the new abilities. You can download Assist Helper from here How to be a good Main Assist Knows your MT. A MA needs to work closely to MT. MA needs to know the MT抯 first target, as it is the one MT has most aggro on. Trust the tank is doing his job and will take care of the adds so you don抰 run to them. Set your ***ist macro to your MT. Dont break the sheep/cc before your MT. A Main Assist is NOT a tank, try not to steal too much aggro from your MT. Be quick. Target fast and target right. Be stubborn. Stick to one target until it is dead. Always kill the softest targets first and the hardest targets last. The softest targets usually have the highest DPS and utility (mages, etc.) and are easiest to kill. The next softest targets are healer types and then come the ranged guys and lastly the melee folk. When fighting bosses, it is usually best to kill their henchmen first then focus on the boss - these are cases when MA do not attack the MT抯 first target. What you need to know to ***ist the Main Assist After the fight has started and the MT has grabbed agro on the mob, everyone who is NOT the Tank should ***ist the Main Assist.

The biggest novice mistake anyone makes is to abandon the Main Assist and start duelling with non-agro’d mobs. Grouping is not about seeing how many mobs you can fight at once. It’s about being fast, efficient, and safe. Target the mob that your main ***ist is attacking, and help him kill it as quickly as possible. If the MA has not yet selected a buy wow gold target yet, keep /***isting him until he does. He is most likely allowing the MT time to build aggro. After /***isting, it is worth checking the de-duff icons of the new target. If the target shows a sheep, sap, s****le or sleep de-buff, hold fire. The MA may have been tabbing through the targets to find the next one. /***ist again, until the MA has selected a good target. The Healers should look out for the Main-Assists health a bit as well. Complains a Main Assist or everyone might get: You are not targeting fast enough; You have no target; You change target too often; You are eating popcons during a fight or talking to your wife which TV progr** you are gonna to watch later. Main Assist is a culture Using MA tactic well is a question of habit. It needs a lot practice. It is more realistic to try it **ong guildies or ppl you often group with. MA is a culture or tradition in a guild. No matter what, the /***ist command will for sure open a new window to the g**e.

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Wow Gold Winning Souls to Christ in The World of Warcraft Gold

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Young Billy explains that it is very simple to wow gold announce the message of God''s love across the World of Warcraft game channels. "I have a hot-key macro that broadcasts, Jesus Loves You! Please Love Him Back or He Will Burn You in Hell! PM Me if you want to learn more! across four channels. I do it right when I log in. I usually get PM''d (Private Messaged) by a few characters who I then add to my buddy list. I follow them around the game, across snow-capped mountains, and blasted wastelands until they accept Christ or persecute me so wow gold much that I have to report them to the server administrators for making fun of my religion. I think I''ve been responsible for getting over thirty accounts suspended for bigotry directed at me because of my faith."

Landover Baptist Pastors originally expressed some concern over the game because it looked like it promoted occult activity. "I told Pastor Deacon Fred that every single time I find an item that looks like it has something to do with the occult, I hop on a griffin and head straight to Ironforge where I auction it off. Christian gamers shouldn''t be carrying that stuff around. We don''t enter places that serve cheap wow gold alcohol in the game either. It is just not a good testimony. All the money I make from selling occult items to unsaved gamers, I auction off on E-bay for real cash, which I then put into the offering plate at our church on the last Sunday of each month."

Billy Houston, a Landover Baptist Senior High youth, has been sharing Jesus in the virtual gaming world for over three years. "I evangelized in Lineage 2, Everquest, Diablo, and a bunch of other games," he says, "but I haven''t seen nearly as many people who are as open to hearing the Gospel message as I have inside the World of Warcraft." Billy has what gamers call, a Level 57 Undead Priest with Holy Focus. "I''m also in one of the largest Christian guilds on our server," he says. "I think the reason so many people are open to hearing about Jesus in the World of Warcraft is cheap wow gold because the majority of people who play the game are lonely kids who don''t have any friends. I doubt any of them play sports so you can pretty much guess that there are lots of gay boys and fat little pale-faced Wiccan girls on the servers who hate themselves and escape into virtual characters so they don''t have to deal with their pathetic lives. When they hear that someone loves them, even if it is just the Lord Jesus Christ, they always want to hear more!"

Christian game enthusiasts around the US are wow turning the world of Azeroth inside the new video game, "World of Warcraft" into a mission field, where virtual battles are fought and real souls are won to the Lord Jesus Christ.

One prospective missionary at the Landover Baptist Christian Academy says, "Most people who are mean, liberal, nasty, lonely, unsaved losers in real life choose to play the Horde (an evil race of characters in the World of Warcraft) and people and guilds who are conservative, Republican and pretty much easier to win to Jesus Christ with are found in the Alliance. That''s why the real True Christians? pick the Horde to play as characters and start their guilds in Horde territory because they like the challenge of sharing Christ''s message in a perilous, lava-soaked, environment. Sometimes buy wow gold you have to pester people for weeks before they listen to you. I followed some stupid gnome around for 8-hours until he finally told me that he would accept Jesus as his Personal Savior if I would just promise not to contact him anymore. Now that rocks!"

"I really like our guild leader," says young Billy Houston. "He has a strict policy against letting unsaved people join our group. I think he''s from Alabama in real life. In fact, he won''t even party-up with anyone who isn''t a Christian. He''s a level 60 Priest, and gets a lot of respect. He can climb right up to the top of the dwarf statue by the gates of Stormwind City and start street preaching to the Dark Elves and world of warcraft gold they will listen to everything he says. He''s done conversion duels on multiple servers where he challenges other players to duel with him. If he wins, they accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. If he loses (which he never has) he will give them 6 pieces of silver."

The World of Warcraft is ripe for eager young Christian evangelists to ply their trade. "I''m studying to be a missionary at Liberty University, in Lynchburg, Virginia," says one gamer (who prefers to remain anonymous) and sharing the Good News of Jesus in Azeroth is a great way to practice soulwinning in Arkansas, where I''m from originally. I think that when Jesus said in Mark 16:15, Go ye into all the world and preach cheapest wow gold the gospel to every creature, He knew that True Christians? like me in the future, would be called into virtual worlds where we''d be witnessing to gnomes, trolls, night elves and all sorts of other creatures. I also think that verse applies to Christian astronaut missionaries in the future who will encounter and evangelize unsaved alien life forms on other planets. I believe with my whole heart that Christian gamers are sincerely answering the Great Commission of Jesus and we are able to do it without getting out of our chairs or leaving our bedrooms. I bet the Apostle Paul is so jealous!"

Christian gamers are also excited that they are able to live out their faith in the same way the early True Christians? did, before their religion was sissified by liberalism, science, and political correctness. "It is such a rush to kill other players who world of warcraft gold refuse to accept Jesus Christ as Lord," says one gamer. "I feel like I can really practice my faith the way God intended it. It is like I''m fighting alongside Christians of old, instead of the pansies and sissies from my Sunday school class."

Make WoW Gold For Your Epic Mount (Flying and Regular)

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wow gold

Some people have expressed concern about wow gold the difficulty of getting the epic flying mount. A lot of people think that the flying lessons are too expensive, but this guide will help you get your epic flyer. This guide is food ideal for those that are starting out at level one.

The first thing that you need to do is develop flower good saving skills. Sounds a lot like real life, huh? If you learn how to save and you start saving early in the game, then it will 福州热线 be much easier on you when you need to spend a lot on your epic mount. One of the ways to help you with this is to get a bank toon.

You might think that the mailing fees will hurt you, but 网站推广 the bank toon will save you a lot of time so it will be worth it. It also helps because you will not be as 商业吧 tempted to spend the money if you have forgotten that you even have it.

You will also need to learn to make money as fast 体育博客 as possible. The best way to do this is to sell everything to a vendor. This is about maximizing the amount of money that you can get, so if you find that you don’t have enough room for a green item because you have grey ones, then get rid of some of the grey ones to free up space 股票博客 for the green items.

You also need to loot everything in sight. That means 游戏博客 that you should go after every enemy that you run in to and you should look under everything you see. Sometimes the most expensive pieces are hiding in the spot that you would never think about. If you pass up a weak enemy because you think that you won’t get much out of it, then you could have cost yourself a 魔兽博客 level 19 twink blue piece.

Be sure to collect all of the pieces of twink gear 考试博客 that you can. These can sell for a lot of gold and you could end up with enough money for your mount. You should also remember that sometimes you will get a random blue bind on equip piece which can be worth a lot of money.

Always sell at the AH. You might be able to make more 汽车博客 money elsewhere, but you’ll be able to turn the items over faster at the AH. You should also impose a 24-hour time limit and sell during the weekend when there are more people that might buy your items.

You can also increase the amount of money that you have 房产博客 by choosing a gathering profession. You should get the gatherer mod if you have mining or herbalism. These professions can help you make a lot of money, which will obviously make it easier for you to get the epic mount. You should also give some consideration to your characters future. You will have the 电脑博客 opportunity to change professions to something that you might find more interesting in the future. Right now you should be concerned about making money.

Be sure to bookmark this ut the other guides to wow gold make HUGE amounts of gold in this game.

WoW Gold and Tricks

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wow gold

  I hope you find these World of Warcraft Tips helpful. They are not meant as a way to cheat, but wow gold rather as way to help you enjoy this fantastic game even more. These World of Warcraft Tips are meant to give you ways to save time as well as ways to avoid wasting time. As I find more World of Warcraft Tips I will add them to this page, so check back often. WoW Tip #1 Auto-Looting - To save wow gold yourself a lot of time, Auto-Loot everything after a kill by doing a Shift + Right Click on the fallen foe. WoW Tip #2 Multi-Questing – Do not do quests one at a time. Get as many quests as you can find before heading out. As soon as you enter a new map region, the first thing you should do is head on over to the main town and get all the wow gold quest’s you can by speaking to all the NPC’s you find. Once you get the quests, head on out and start exploring and questing. If a quest seems like a big waste of time, requiring you run around from person to person for an hour or so, then abandon the quest and work on another one, it just isn’t worth you wasting all of that time. WoW Tip #3 Solo Quests vs. Group Quests – In the World of Warcraft, there are times when it may become necessary to join a group in order to complete a quest. While joining a group will speed up your power game enormously, make sure wow gold you do it only when it’s to your advantage. In WoW, about ¾ of quests are solo quests with the remaining ¼ being group quests. Solo - If you intend to solo the group quests, it is important that you wait until your character is a few levels higher and the quest becomes green, otherwise it will be a big waste of time. Groups - Groups work well! But they must be efficient groups. Beware of joining badly organized groups, they will slow you down! A badly formed group is one that continuously dies while trying to complete a quest or it’s a group that jerks around, not getting anything accomplished. You would be far better off going solo than joining this kind of group. If you are strong at mele and have a quick way to heal yourself such as a Paladin or a Shaman, then you may be far better off going solo. For those of you who are warrior types that are strong at mele, but can’t heal worth a darn, and those of you who are priests and mages who have little armor function. You are better off working in groups. WoW Tip #4 WoW Level-Grinding - A great way (albeit a boring way) to quickly gain experience and grind out a level is by killing stuff that is a few levels below you (green). Like I said, it’s boring, but it pays! By killing wow gold weaker creatures, you minimize the amount of damage you take, you kill them quickly, and you have quick recovery due to low or no damage taken. The experience gained from quick, numerous kills adds up faster over time than the higher experienced gained from killing more powerful creatures, because higher level creatures cause much more damage to you, which means a great deal more down time for you. Whenever you find yourself struggling with a quest, do some level grinding and get your levels up, then finish the quest. Let me reiterate! Do not take on a quest that is 3 or more levels higher than you unless you are doing it with a competent group. Why spend hours and hours of valuable time trying to do the near impossible when you could have spent those hours level grinding and gaining valuable levels for your character who would then be powerful enough to finish the quest much more easily. This is how to power your way to WoW upper levels. WoW Tip #5 Weapon DPS – Too often players will mistakenly wow gold put DPS (damage per second) on their weapons as it’s primary factor. This is wrong and here’s why! Abilities such as % to critical and damage bonuses are calculated based upon the damage of the weapon or the weapon’s speed. DPS is just an average and a character’s ability is never used in the computing.

Daily Dime Houston Rockets Roll

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One thing stands out as we see how well the wow gold have played in building this 17-game win streak.

It's the major class that's in session all across the West right now and the Rockets are at the top after polishing off another exam Thursday, beating the cheap wow gold, 113-98.

That lesson tells us that basketball is more chess than wow, and a team is more than just the sum of its parts. A team that gels with five playing in unison will always have more success than a more talented, but less cohesive team.

Getting the right chemistry is something crucial to the hopes of other West teams. You see it going on now with the Phoenix Suns as they're trying to incorporate buy wow gold into their style of play. And we see it with bringing Jason Kidd to the Dallas Mavericks.

Even the Los Angeles Lakers, when they get google排名 back, will have an adjustment period, fitting him in with Pau Gasol up front.

Houston made subtle changes and has found the right combinations, enough so that it can even withstand the loss of Yao Ming.

Mavs add All-Star point guard Jason Kidd

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Jason Kidd returns to the Mavericks wow gold with the singular focus that drove the latest trade to shake the NBA. It's all about a title.

“That's all I want – to win a championship,” Kidd said Tuesday shortly after arriving in Dallas. “It's not guaranteed, but you want to play for it. When you take the floor with the Mavericks, you're on that path to win a championship.”

You knew the trade was coming. You just didn't know how it was going to get there. Just like one of his trademark passes, the Kidd trade was delivered in unexpected fashion.

The eight-time All-Star point guard returns to the power leveling franchise of his NBA birth after the seven-player deal with New Jersey was finally consummated Tuesday morning. After six days of twists and turns, the Mavs dealt Devin Harris, Gana Diop, Trenton Hassell, Moe Ager, Keith Van Horn, a pair of draft picks and cash to acquire Kidd, Malik Allen and Antoine Wright from New Jersey.

The Mavs re-signed Van Horn, who hasn't played since the 2006 Finals, to make the deal work financially. To make room for Van Horn, rookie forward Nick Fazekas was waived.

“This is hands down the most unique transaction that I've even been involved in,” president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson said. “Ever.”

Added owner Mark Cuban: “It's been the most interesting, wow power leveling unique trade we've ever done, and we've done some doozies.”

The Kidd deal is the latest in a series of blockbusters that reshaped the stout Western Conference. The Lakers were the first to strike, acquiring Pau Gasol from Memphis. Phoenix followed suit with a high-risk, high-reward swap logo design of Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks for Miami's Shaquille O'Neal.

“We don't have a big window in our minds with this team,” coach Avery Johnson said. “Just like San Antonio and Phoenix and the Lakers and Houston, lots of teams on down the line, it's a short window. Some teams younger may have a bigger window, but we've just have a small window.”

Johnson said Kidd will help close games and the series strong, and, hopefully, playoff series. Dirk Nowitzki agreed this is the time to get it done.

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