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If you like Spaghetti aglio e olio e peperoncino you will also love this noodle recipe. For me it's pasta at it’s absolute best.

Spaghetti with olives, capers and lemon

Category: pasta
Serves: 2
Recipe source: Meuth/Neuner-Duttenhofer

250    g    Spaghetti
salt, pepper (freshly grounded)
3      tbsp. olive oil
2-3          spring onions
3          cloves of garlic
1            peperoncino
100     g  olives (black and green mixed)
4-6            anchovies
1            lemon, filleted
2   tbsp.  capers
               parmesan cheese


Cook pasta in plenty of water (3 litres of water at least and not less than 3 tbsp. of sea salt) until it's al dente.

Pour some olive oil into a hot pan and melt the chopped onions, garlic, pepperoncino and the torn-apart anchovies in it at medium heat. If available, throw in some chopped parsley.

Now stone the olives, chop them into halves and, together with the capers, put them in the pan. Keep melting while adding some of the pasta’s water to prevent it frying. Fillet the lemons and mix them with the dripping wet spaghetti and the sauce. Stir in some ground parmesan cheese too. Add some pepper - done.

Everything a gourmet needs. Everyday as far as I'm concerned.

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