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i've been sitting in this café for what feels like days


i went from reading

to just holding a book


i went from coffee

to whiskey sour

to just whiskey


time and time again

i packed my things and asked for the bill

but each time i couldn't think of anywhere to go


before we parted ways

i had no idea you own this city





         I read that Jesus forgives all my sins
         because he is certain that deep down
         I am good at heart

   I'm surprised
 and a little bit disappointed

I thought
at least he should know better





for some people you'd wait for years
for others no longer than a coffee-long

for you I had been waiting for 2 coffees and 3 gin-tonics
which feels more like a year than like one coffee


you didn't show up


but the coffee was not bad




       dear lover
       enclosed please find the script for tonight
       please rehearse your lines thoroughly
       and show up on time
       for my desperate charade