Music Is My Boyfriend

I found music and he found me
I gave him some tambourine, he gave me a scream
I washed his dirty underwear, he made me toast
Music filled my mug with Vaseline, I gave him a choke

We could be happy, we could be free
If we don’t make-out or fall in love

I found music and he found me
Bleeding from my fingers and knees, plugged into a drum machine
Nailed to my head a tambourine and a guitar laced to my waist
Stone cold fever, an internal melody

Guitars make me happy, drum beats me us all free
Solid as a rock lover is the music in me

I found music and he found me
A balding head-banging pre-teen, so he seduced me in a dream
I kissed his ugly gangly greens, he swallowed my pee

We lived to be happy and prayed to be free
But it was soon found out that my body is brief

I found music and he found me
He kept me singing till my dying day

Sing to be happy, hum to be free
The eternal harmony, music and me

The Hidden Cameras

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Tolles Lied, ich höre es mir gerade an (Wobei ein, zwei Zeilen etwas seltsam sind). Ich liebe Tamburin doch so sehr und was wollte ich noch sagen?

Ah ja... Was bedeutet "I wanna be a sponge"? Wie schreibt man Tamburin?

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laut wikipedia ist deutsch tamburin richtig und tambourine ist es dann auf englisch

ich mag den text sehr gerne, das lied hat es mir gar nicht allzu sehr angetan, zu viel country für mein herz... kommt vielleicht noch^^

"I Wanna Be A Sponge" ist (mal wieder) ein Satz von Conor Oberst, den er mal in einem Interview gesagt hat...


There are many literary references in your work, Valley of the Dolls and The Unbearable Lightness of Being, for example. And I suspect you watch a lot of films too, since your lyrics are always so vivid and rich in narrative, do you get inspiration from other mediums?

I think it's best to be like a sponge and let everything seep into you, like everything you watch or hear or dream about. Just soak it all in and when it comes time to push it back out that's what comes out, what you soaked up.

But you'd soak up other, less desirable things too, are you sure you want to be a sponge?

I wanna be a sponge.

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Über mich

with my feet in the air and my head on the ground


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