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Die Färbesaison ist eröffnet - I'm finally dyeing again!

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Some renovating of the house had forced me to remove all my dyeing equipment from the terrace, and it took me a while to reover from that shock ::-)
But last week I finally got the green walnut shells out of the freezer, tossed then in a bucket of water and one day later soaked some new onestranded skein in the dye. Left it in there for days because in the rainy weather, the wool wouldn't have dryed anyway.
The wool didn't look good at all when I took it out. There seemed to be a lot of black and grey in the brown. I had thrown in some galls of Black Alder (alnus glutinosa) in the dye to keep it from rotting. As I know from last years experimenting, Black Alder doesn't work as cold dye, but I suddenly got doubts. I rinsed, all the grey vanished with the dye, and what I got was a skein of wool in a wonderful warm gold.
Aaah, feels good to be back!

The color is a bit darker than in the picture.

Work in proress: Knit Star Trek pyjama guys

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These three guys have been resting in a yarn bin for more than ten years now. At that time, I have made lots of them, I remember giving many away as presents to friends, besides these who never got finished, or in the case of the finished Vulcan red shirt, got chewed on by my puppy. This made me lose interest on the dolls for a long time, but I never could bring myself to get rid of them either. So now, with the nice spring sunshine, and people on craftster getting in the mood for the new Star Trek movie, I suddenly felt like I wanted to do some Star Trek crafting, and got them out again. Not certain if I will see the movie, but right now, I have patched up the torn Original series guy and closed the seams on the DS9 guy.
Next step is giving them hair and a face, and give the TNG guy shoes.
They will never be the best of my crafting, for all the wonky bits I have discovered, but they are cuties and should get at least a chance.

Look at how I had embroidered the face:

I stitched on a nose and eyebrow ridges in the skin color, and then added eyebrows, eyes, lid and mouth in black. The ears are supposed to be pointed, sort of...
I was pretty surprised to see how detailed I worked on the face at that time. I'm pretty proud of that. Let's see if I can still do this kind of face.

Mario mushroom hat

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This is a little hat I knit for a swap, a Mario mushroom hat. The hat is knit, the dots are crochet with a bit of stuffing.
I had expected this to be an easy project, but somehow I managed to get some extremely stupid mistakes into the red part, and only realized it when I had knit several rows over it. I gave up on the hat for some time and tried to make it in crochet which was even worse, so I just patched up the bad parts in this with the white dots, and it turned out cuter than I had thought.
My swap partner liked it!

Müsenstich Spirale

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Weil die weiße Wolle doch recht dünn ist, hab ich sie mal doppelt genommen, und werde damit einen sehr stabilen gerippten Behälter machen. Und so weit bin ich schon:
Der Wollverbrauch ist immens, nach wenigen Minuten ist schon ein langer Faden verarbeitet.
Wenn der Behälter fertig ist, kann ich mir noch überlegen, ihn zu färben.

Handschuhe im Yorkstich angefangen/ York stitch mittens progress picture

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Nachdem ich jetzt eine Zeitlang  viele Sachen für andere gemacht habe, wird es auch mal Zeit für was eigenes: Die Handschuhe, die ich den ganzen Winter lang machen wollte.
Inzwischen ist der zweite Handschuh schon fast bis obenhin genadelt, hab aber leider noch kein Bild gemacht.
Die Wolle ist ganz weich und flauschig und lässt sich wunderbar verarbeiten. Es ist die Dochtwolle, die ich im European Swap von meiner lieben Tauschpartnerin pseudo_pix bekommen habe. Der York-Stich geht wirklich sehr schnell, zumal in dieser Größe, wo ich sogar die Nadel doppelt mit Wolle beladen kann, und immer noch locker durch die Maschen komme. Das Verdrehen des Gewebes ist nicht so schlimm.
Als ich den ersten Handschuh so weit hatte wie auf dem Bild, kam ich auf die Idee, dass es vielleicht schlauer wäre, erst mal zu probieren, wie viel die Wolle filzt und wieviel sie dabei einläuft. Also hab ich ein Probestück gemacht und ein wenig angefilzt, und ja, es filzte und schrumpfte, aber nicht so viel, dass der erste Handschuh unbrauchbar geworden wäre. Er ist ja ohnehin nicht so eng gemacht.
Also hab ich die Handschuhe jetzt oft im Bus dabei und mache mir bei schönem Frühlingssonnenschein schöne warme Handschuhe :)

The cowl is finished

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I finished the cowl, and sent it, and the recipient loves it. I made a mistake at the end when I was finishing the colors with a vinegar solution, and the green stripes have faded a bit. I was mad about it, but there is nothing I could do about it, and the cowl design still works:
My cell phone camery doesn't pick up greens at all, it wasn't that bad... I hope...

The cowl was made in Oslo stitch (F1 UO/UOO) with plant-dyed yarn in different shades of yellow and green, using nettle and maple leaf dyes. Every round took about 45 minutes, and I finished the cowl within 9 days - which means I was stitching every waking hour. Due to a sick kid, I had lots of waking hours :) But the cowl was so much fun to make, and such a challenge, I was addicted.

Together with the cowl, I sent a matching set of pouches:
Taken with a better camera, but the square pouche isn't finished yet. I couldn't find a picture of the finished purse, don't know why, but there was a spiralled lid on it. (which had driven me crazy).

The left pouch is amond all the thing I have mad in nalbinding, my favourite. I am very proud of the cowl, too. But in this round pouch the decrease in color corresponds with an increase in size, like the color has to spread over the greater space. I love it so much I have already duplicated it.
The duplicate will go into another swap, but then, I will duplicate it again and keep it! I really need one of these before I run out of green yarn. It will be months before I can dye this color again.

So, if I love this little thing so much, and also the big one, why am I giving them away? Because I got these for them in return (you better remove your keyboard in order not to drool on it :) ):

Green London hood, felt with linen lining

Brown London hood from felt

One-stranded yarn - so soft and lovely! A hard drug for a yarn addict :)

Scissors of dreams!

Great book on Vikings

Huge Hans Christian Andersen calendar!

...and some extras for my kids. It was overwhelming to get this package! Thanks again, partner!

Swap projects

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Muss doch mal nachtragen, was ich sonst noch für swaps gemacht hatte. Ihr kennt ja schon die Handschuhe aus dem Naughty Word Swap auf craftster (7 words you can't say on craftster swap). Für diesen swap hab ich auch gemacht:
This is some stuff I made for a Naughty Word swap on craftster. The vampire mittens belong into this lot too.

Einen Schlüsselanhänger:
A key charm:

Ein etwas aufgebriegelter Kulturbeutel:
My partner asked for a bag, and got a douche bag:

von innen:
Auch ein praktisches "Bitte nicht stören"-Türschild :)
And she actually put it on her door! :)

Und ein paar Geschirrtücher:
Nachdem ich auf craftster schon einiges Küchentextil gesehen hatte mit Aufschriften wie "Kiss the cook" oder "I kiss better than I cook", hab ich das mal für den swap adaptiert. Mit Stoffmalstiften hab ichs definitiv nicht im Griff, aber ich hab die Idee noch nicht abgehakt.
Some kitchen towels with writing gone bad.

Ja, ich hatte Spass! :)

nalbinding: striped cowl progress - yay, I'm in the greens again!

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Nalbinding: the striped cowl progress

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Today's progress: still on the yellow stripes, sigh... the increase works well for the shape, but the rounds get longer

Discworld: Death of Rats Fingerpuppet

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Not my best work, but still cute, and my swap partner liked him: the Death of Rats

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Die Färbesaison ist eröffnet - I'm finally dyeing again!
Work in proress: Knit Star Trek pyjama guys
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Müsenstich Spirale
Handschuhe im Yorkstich angefangen/ York stitch mittens progress picture
The cowl is finished
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nalbinding: striped cowl progress - yay, I'm in the greens again!
Nalbinding: the striped cowl progress
Discworld: Death of Rats Fingerpuppet