Genre: Electronic 
Style: New Wave, Synth-pop

John Moore, Eric James (Eric James Logan), Mark James (Mark James Fordyce)


Mark James - Drums,Vocals [Vocoder], Electronic Drums [Simmons], Computer [Linndrum], Percussion, Programmed By [Computer, Rhythm], Synthesizer
Eric James - Vocals,Synthesizer [Oberheim, Prophet 5 & 10], Sequenced By [Firstman], Programmed By [Electronic, Sequencer], Piano [Grand]
John Moore - Guitar,Vocals,Vocals [Vocoder], Synthesizer [Roland Guitar]
Andy Pask - Bass (tracks :01,02)/Anthony Forrest - Piano [Grand] (track 04)/George McFarlane Guitar /Bass (track 04)/Linda Leigh - Vocals (track 02)/
Roy Hay - Piano/Guitar (track 04)/Simon Darlow - Keyboards [Additional] (tracks :02,03)/Steve Shone - Bass, Bass [Fretless] (track 05)/
Steve Levine - Remix (track 05) /Producer, Synthesizer [Moog] (track 04)/
George McFarlane , Roy Hay , Steve Levine - Synthesizer [Prophet] (track 04)/
Gary Langan,Gordon Milne,Graham Bonnet,Julian Mendelson,Keith Finney,Stuart Bruce  - Engineers/
Mastered By - Tim Young/Producer - Anthony Forrest (tracks: 01,02,05), Steve Levine (track 03)/
Written-By - John Moore (tracks:01,02,04,05),Eric James (track 03)

Tracklist :

01 Don't Stop (5:02)     
02 Paris Is One Day Away (5:04)  
03 Don't Let Me Down (4:13)     
04 Passion In Dark Rooms (5:27)       
05 Munich Thing (4:15)

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Tracklist :

01 Is There A Reason
02 Don't Stop
03 Paris Is One Day Away
04 Passion In Dark Rooms
05 I Don't Need Your Love Now
06 Watching Time
07 No One Left To Blame
08 The Munich Thing
09 Don't Let Me Know
10 She Got Me
11 Is THere A Reason (extended)
12 Don't Stop (extended)
13 Paris Is One Day Away (extended)
14 Passion In Dark Rooms (extended)
15 I Don't Need Your Love Now (extended)
16 The Munich Thing (extended)

Link to download:


Eric James (no relation as their real names were Mark James Fordyce and Eric James Logan).

They released a single on a local small independent label "Is There A Reason". At that time in 1981 they were a five-piece band, and with Moore and the two James were Steve Carter and John Dalby. After the band reshuffle the three remaining members of The Mood signed to RCA in 1982 and released a new re-produced mix of "Is There A Reason". Then came "Don't Stop", still a bit of a cult classic in music circles (top 10 Hit on the Billboard Charts in the US). None of them reached the UK top 40 charts, but the follow up "Paris is One Day Away" almost did. It landed at number 42 on the UK charts and stopped there. Two places higher would have got them a definite slot on Top Of The Pops, but it was not to be. However they did appear on the popular kids show RAZAMATAZ singing "Paris Is One Day Away".

Follow up singles were "Passion In Dark Rooms" with "The Munich Thing" on the flip side, and a final single, "I Don't Need Your Love Now". The band split in 1984. A mini-lp was released in the US though no album was released in the UK. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mood)










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