Dr. BEAT - Dr. Beat (1990)



Tracklist :

01 Valami Bizarr Dolog (Something Bizarre Thing)
02 Házibulik (Parties)
03 Álom A Világ (The World Is Dream)
04 Őrult Évek (Crazy Years)
05 Iskola (School)
06 Informácio (Information)
07 Csalodás (Disappointment)
08 Rock 'N' Roll
09 Boszorkányszombat (Witche's Saturday)
10 Dr. Beat

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Dr. Beat is a Hungarian techno-wave band from Budapest founded by three classmate from a high school in 1986.Their first name was T-Boy.
The original line-up was Selmeci Kristóf /Garam Péter/Szilágyi “SZIKO” Gábor.Clavier Charlotte has joined from R-Go in 1988.Soon Selmeci left the band because of conceptional reasons.
With their first single (Valami bizarr dolog released in 1987) the band soon went on succes.
Through modern scoring and rhythmic solutions,also the lyrics are about disappointments and hopelesness became the band popular.
This popularity had increased more with their album released in 1990.There were four top one hit from it. Their label had put it on the market in very limited form for no obvious reason.
Despite the frequent concerts their music remains for not a wide public, so the band stopped to continue.
In the meantime Szilágyi Gábor became a famous photographer (POP-Rock and fashion),and Garam Péter went to LA,USA with Clavier (soon left the band) for 10 years,where he proved to be a producer/engineer with several international albums ,furthermore composed some electronic music too (e.g Future Sound Of Budapest vol 2. with a song called "Waterfront" playing again together with Szilágyi in it).
Garam came back to Hungary in 1993 to popularize the Drum 'n' Bass style as well as being a producer for some underground releases.
Dr Beat was one of the most exciting band in the early 90's and remained a unique musical wonder till the present in the Hungarian techno pop history.
After many years being in silence,they are planning to release a new album this year with Szilágyi.

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