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Salo stepped off the train shortly after dawn. Black-bellied clouds pushed the sun's wan light toward a boggy green. He was alone in the station except for the three men he believed had been left two days down the tracks. Salo took up all of his six and a half feet as he weighed the disheveled mongrels huddling under their dusters. Apparently "fair and square" meant nothing to them.
"Give us our money, mister," said the sloucher on the right.
"Royal flush. It's my money," replied Salo in a voice as dusty as the streets waiting for the clouds to open above them.
"Think three forty-fives to your one says it ain't, son," snarled the middle man as he hunkered farther into his coat.
"Dangerous thoughts, boys."Pallet racking
The trio spread out slightly. Their fingers teased the air around pearl pommels. The breeze tugging at dusters was the only other movement. Then the steam whistle screamed. Blue-finish barrels cleared their leather and four shots boomed for dominance. The echoes faded off and the breeze died down before Salo limped away to the general store for some 80 proof and gauze.

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