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For-pay 'Hulu Plus' may be on tap for PlayStation 3, Web

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Ready for Hulu and its catalog of streaming TV shows to (finally) land on a game console? Word had it that Microsoft would announce Hulu for the Xbox 360 at the E3 gaming conference earlier this month, but it didn't happen. Now it's sounding like Sony and the PlayStation 3 might beat Xbox Live to the punch, although you may have to sign up for a paid "Hulu Plus" subscription to tune in.
A pair of anonymous sources with "knowledge of the talks" are telling Bloomberg that Sony is poised to ink a deal with Sony that would bring Hulu to the PlayStation Network, and that the news could be announced as early as next week.EAS system
Here's the catch: You'd have to pay $10 a month for Hulu on your PS3 -- or on any other device, as Peter Kafka of All Things Digital writes. Kafka has his own sources who say that Hulu Plus -- the long-threatened subscription play for -- may also launch next week, if only as a limited beta test.
The latest round of Hulu rumors comes amid recent chatter that Hulu might come to both the Xbox and the iPad. Bloomberg says in its most recent story that Hulu's talks with Microsoft for an Xbox Live-based Hulu are still underway. Hulu is also negotiating with CBS, Viacom and Time Warner about bringing their shows over to the on-demand video streaming site, the Bloomberg story claims. Neither Sony nor Hulu are commenting on Bloomberg's report.PVC pipe fittings
What exactly is Hulu Plus (or rather, what might it be, given that we're still in rumorville)? According to Kafka, we're talking a $9.95-a-month subscription plan that would unlock a "deeper catalog of shows" on Hulu than what's currently available for free. More important, though, you'd also have to be a Hulu Plus subscriber to watch Hulu on another device, such as a PS3, the Xbox 360 or an iPad.
Hulu mobile access as the carrot for a Hulu subscription makes sense ... well, from Hulu's perspective, anyway. I can't see a lot of Hulu users coughing up $10 a month just for the privilege of watching a larger selection of shows on the Web. Tying the subscription plan to mobile access seems like a better way to lure more paid users.PVC window
That said, how many users would really want to pay $10 a month to watch shows on Hulu that they're already paying for on cable? For "cord cutters," the plan might make a lot sense, assuming you've got access to broadband. I might consider paying Hulu $10 a month for all my network shows it if it meant ditching my $135-a-month cable bill ... but as I've blogged about before, I'm too much of a sports fan (especially the NFL) to ditch cable altogether, and I'd rather not pay $10 on top of my cable bill just so I could watch on-demand Hulu over my PS3 or Xbox 360. submersible pump
But that's me -- what about you? Are there any circumstances in which you'd fork over $10 a month for Hulu Plus, assuming these latest rumors are true?

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