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Hackers and Apple make for a dangerous pair

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Raise your hand if you've ever heard the argument "If you want a virus-free computer, get a Mac."
Raise your other hand if, in response to a story I've blogged about regarding Windows security breaches, you've left a comment like that on Yahoo!
Now put your hands down, because, as CNN puts it bluntly, "Those days are over."Uninterruptible power supply
It used to be that the Mac had a small share of the market, and its architecture was fundamentally different from its PC competition. No one wrote malware for the Mac because there just weren't that many Macs around, and the way a modern malware creator works is through the law of large numbers: You infect a lot of computers to harvest a useful number of passwords, send a significant amount of spam, or otherwise wreak a substantial amount of chaos. This is why no one writes viruses for, say, the Amiga. What would be the point? There's no money in it.crane scale
Now the world has changed. While Mac computers are still relatively rare (though not as rare as they once were), the iPhone and iPad have changed the game, and Apple -- worth more on the market than Microsoft now -- is a major player in the computer industry once again. And so the hackers have come out to play.
Last week's headline-grabbing iPad hack is probably just the start.electric pressure washer
Security will be a growing headache for Apple as the months wear on. The perception has always been that the Mac is a "safer" operating system by design, but in reality that is not the case. Plenty of exploits have been found for Mac security holes over the years, but the lack of hacks in the wild has kept users safe while the company patched the problems. In fact, Apple releases security patches just as often as Microsoft does, according to CNN; it just doesn't make headlines when it does.
Now hackers are taking advantage of the holes -- and Apple, which doesn't really put a lot of emphasis on security these days, may be caught with its pants down. CNN notes that neither the official iPhone nor iPad websites mention security, and Apple's computer-focused sites say only that Macs don't get PC viruses, mentioning nothing of malware coded especially for the platform.air compressor
Now that Apple is on top, the company has left users in a bit of a quandary. Having become famous for its alleged inherent safety over the years, Apple users may soon find itself under attack but in denial about it, firmly believing as well that "Macs don't get viruses." Well, they can, and if Apple doesn't wake up to start taking security seriously -- and training users religiously about safe computer operating behavior -- it's only a matter of time before something far worse than the iPad breach hits.aluminium foil

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