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Our new national nightmare: sexviding

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Good morning, parents. Are you ready for another high-tech threat to your kids' innocence?
The latest round of paranoia already has a name: sexviding, a name that some have already given to what will happen when "sexting" -- explicit messages sent via text message, said to be all the rage with teens -- meets the iPhone 4's FaceTime video-chat feature.flexible coupling
In fact, it's probably been done already. After all, it doesn't take much more effort to point your phone's camera at your privates than it does to aim it at your face, as anyone who's tried Chatroulette can attest to.
Complicating the sexvid concern are larger issues surrounding the way FaceTime works. FaceTime works over Wi-Fi, not the cellular network, so any traffic being sent over an unsecured Wi-Fi connection can potentially be intercepted in an almost trivial manner. FaceTime chats are not themselves secured in any way, which means that it's probably just a matter of time before the first sexvid session is intercepted by an enterprising hacker and uploaded to the Web.jet pump
The mechanics of FaceTime also work only through collaboration with Apple's servers: In order to connect users, Apple apparently determines and logs the whereabouts of all FaceTime users when they connect to one another. The extent of Apple's logging isn't entirely known, and it probably isn't capturing FaceTime sessions themselves (the outrage would be unbelievable), but it probably does know who's talking to whom, and when. Is this too much information for Apple to have? And, more important, could it eventually be used to connect a leaked FaceTime video back to its participants to identify them?
Tread with caution.packing machine

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Our new national nightmare: sexviding