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Windows 7 Sales at 150M as Live Essentials Launch

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Sales of Windows 7, which Microsoft is calling "the fastest-selling operating system in history," have reached about 150 million licenses -- or about seven copies of Windows 7 sold every second. In announcing the milestone on the official Windows blog, Windows Communications Manager Brandon LeBlanc earlier this week said Microsoft's assessment is that, including companies that are either deploying or evaluating, about 75 percent of all enterprises are "looking at Windows 7 for their organization."sewage pump
The sales momentum for Windows 7 appears to be accelerating. In early June, Microsoft noted that more than 100 million licenses had been sold in the first six months of the operating system's release, which was in October.

'Blends Together' PC and Cloud

On Thursday, Microsoft released a beta of Windows Live Essentials, its set of free applications for sharing photos, movies and communication, which the software giant said enlarges the capabilities of Windows 7.tempered glass
The applications are new versions of Messenger, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, the Write blog application, the folder-sync utility Sync, and Family Safety parental controls. The applications are set up for easy-to-use integration with other sites for photo and video sharing, social networking, blogging, Office Web Apps, and e-mail -- including Gmail and Yahoo mail as well as Microsoft's Hotmail.
"What the new Windows Live Essentials does is blends together the best of the PC," LeBlanc wrote, "with the best of the cloud."laminated glass
Laura DiDio, an analyst with Information Technology Intelligence Corp. (ITIC), said Microsoft is trying to position Essentials as a competitor to Apple's popular iLife suite. In particular, Photo Gallery has been improved so that it is better positioned against iPhoto.
"It's a good strategy to meld the new Windows with Live," she said, adding that Windows 7's sales "are clearly picking up speed," and will continue to do so.

Tied to Equipment Upgrades

DiDio said a "large majority" of the enterprise upgrades to Windows 7 are tied to equipment upgrades, which is now beginning to take place. In addition, she noted that many companies might have been holding back to give themselves time to retool legacy applications, which they've now had time to do or to begin.
DiDio added that ITIC's research has indicated that an overwhelming majority of Windows 7 users approve of the new OS, with about 90 percent rating it as excellent, very good, or good.insulated glass
While there has been discussion that the top mobile platforms, notably Apple's iOS and Google's Android, represent a new center of gravity for computing, DiDio said that, to date, they have not had a noticeable impact on Windows' position on enterprise desktops. She said they are unlikely to do so in the near future because of companies' and individuals' investments in Windows and the resulting huge installed base, and because of the current limited functionality for office productivity on mobile platforms.


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