Sashimi of sea bass Italian style
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Italy meets Japan: Here is an unusual, exquisite fish course even for those who do not like raw fish particularly. Of course, the fish must be extremely fresh and then, I bet, you'll also be quite impressed.
This is my contribution for
The Heart of the Matter #5 - Waterlife:

Italian style sea bass Sashimi

Category: fish
Serves: 6 (as one course within a menue)
Recipe source: Steffen Henssler, ndr



3              sea basses, filleted and skinned
2     cups  Chiso-cress (or watercress, garden cress)
200  ml     olive oil
50    ml     soy sauce
50    ml     lemon juice
4     tbsp.  Balsamico
                salt, pepper



Cut the filleted fish in ultra-thin slices by making long, oblique slashes with a big, very sharp knife. Arrange the slices on a big heat-resistant plate. Sprinkle generously with fleur de sel and pepper recently crushed an a mortar. Chop the cress and sprinkle it over the fish. Heat the olive oil until it just steams. Pour the very hot oil over the fish and the cress. Because of the cress's moisture it will fizzle and sprinkle. So be careful and cover the plates in the immediate vicinity with some kitchen paper. Then wipe the edges of the plate clean. Mix soy sauce and lemon juice 1:1 (this is called Ponzu sauce) and pour 4 – 6 tbsp. of the solution over the fish. Add some balsamico, serve.

You can use any fresh fish with firmly textured fillets. My fishmonger told me zander or pike perch would be a good choice for this recipe, too. But I think sea bass is best.

Be careful with the Ponzu sauce and the Balsamico. Mop the sauce up with some fresh bread - simply delicious.

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Thanks a lot for your entry! It is perfect for the HotM, I hope you will continue to participate!
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