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If you like my blog,..and would like to share some of your best places around the world, not hestiate to write something,..or to write something to my places,....!!

if you also have recommendations for accommodations, restaurants,sight-seeing-trips or someting else,..just write on the blog and share your exerience with other peole to find out where to travel next!!:-)

thanks for your support!!!

Franzi :-)

Australia (east coast)

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Australia is the country with the most multi-cultural influences...people from all over the world are travvelling to Australia to experience the wonderfull places,....

The mentality of the people is just relaxed and easy-going and everyone, who travels to this country will finde the perfect place for him-/herself,....

The beaches are amazing,...and the cities are just one by one nice and multi-suited!!

Driving along the east coats of Australia is easy, and relaxing, well as amazing due to the diversity of landscapes.......

Australia is a place to be,..and to travel to!!!!


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This is a place in Asia where everyone should go. To be a tourist on Bali is not difficult and it is easy to find good accommodations. Going around the Island it is an amazing trip, which is doable on your own with a car,......and a lot of fun!! Your always see more of an country if you go by yourself!!:-)

The people and the variety of the country is just woderful and you will always find a place where you feel "at home".

The "Gilli-Islans" are such an investment,... three little Islands,..without traffic and just relaxing,.....a must do, when travelling in Indonesia!!!


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This country is ablosutely colourful........

In the north of Mexico you can find on the Caribbean coast the most beautiful beaches with white sand and blue blie water,....the Americans love this places on the north coats of Mexico.

Traveling further to the middle of Mexico and to the boarder of Guatemala you can find a lot of the Mexican history and lovely rainforests where you can also see a wide varity of widelife animals as well as flaura species.

Coming to the Atlantic coast of Mexico you can also find very nice beaches. The markets in this country are so colourful,..and show you a variety of fruits and vegetables, havn't seen before!!:-)

Mexico city itself is a place of awareness while traveling, the crime factor is high, but it is still a place to don't miss out while travelling in this wonderful coutry.



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Thailand,... The country with the overall smile!!;:::

Thailand is a country with a lot of different kind of landscapes, have the big city of Bangkok with a lot of shopping facilities, fruit and vegetable markets ass well as a lot of Temples. On the other hand you have the beaches and Islands all over the south of Thailand and the rainforest in the north of the country.

It is an amazing place to travel to and easy for backpacking and on the other side also perfect for a luxury travel. All kinds of accommodations can be found for all kinds of travellers and age groups.

For detailed information just ask,..and i will support you with my own experiences!!:-)


keep on smiling!!!


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